Alarms & CCTV

Your business is even more at risk when the doors are open. Installing an effective CCTV solution is critical to protecting and managing your business today. Not only will a CCTV solution protect you business by reducing fraud, protecting from theft and reducing unproductive activity. It will also protect your staff by stamping out harassment, improving time management and enforcing workplace health and safety practices.

Access Control

Control entry with either swipe cards, finger scan, facial or number plate recognition technology. Create access levels so that employees or visitors can only access authorized areas to keep sensitive areas restricted. Event history and time and attendance integration is also available. No need to change locks, access privileges can be changed at the push of a button.
Access control also extends to elevators, car parks, hotels and locker rooms.

Marine Protection

Protect your vessel with our unique, marine security systems.
Take full control by smartphone Apps that enable you to monitor view and track your vessel virtually anywhere from any location. Smart CCTV, alarm and tracking systems that not only detect human and water intrusion but can also be configured to monitor engine temperature, fumes and battery condition (back to base monitoring is also available).

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